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Commercial projects

A commercial design must serve several purposes in order to be successful.  It must communicate an enterprise’s vision and goals in ways that entice its visitors to transact business there without any “identity crisis”; at the same time, it should also provide an ergonomically comfortable reassurance to the people that work there.  Equally importantly, it must deliver these requirements in an economically efficient manner.


Layout, lighting, materials, finishes, and signage are just a few of the design elements that can create a commercial space which helps its owner build, nurture, and profit from a business enterprise.   Design elements are like tools and raw materials, however; it still takes a skilled craftsman to use them as the basis of a fine finished product.


Due to their national scope, some of these examples of craftsmanship may already be familiar to you.  Others, being more local in nature,  may not.  In any event, envision conducting your business in Richard Olson-crafted surroundings as you browse these projects.